Media Strategy and Relations


Planning a city

When the Minister for Planning released a discussion paper on how Melbourne's future development should be guided and controlled he wanted plenty of "conversation".

He wanted debate around possible planning strategies that were designed to guide the growth of both inner and regional Melbourne over the next 40 years. Clifton was retained by the state government to ensure the conversation generated maximum coverage in the media.

The discussion paper's clear message was that a denser, decentralised, more efficient city was required to meet the challenges of the coming decades.

Clifton generated extensive feedback on the discussion paper among councils, industry bodies and the community.

Through media releases, personal contact and developing enticing story angles we generated ongoing discussion on talkback radio as well as coverage on television and radio news. Print coverage was generated in a local, state and national media.

On the sheep's back

The plans of a Chinese buyer of a historic Victorian fine merino wool property were much anticipated by the local community and the nation's agricultural media.

Clifton was retained to maximise the proactive media coverage and be prepared to address any negative media. This included organising a launch function as part of a conference on the property which was attended by leading wool industry and government figures.

By carefully selecting and inviting appropriate journalists and introducing them to supportive industry figures, the coverage across all media (including front page of the Weekend Australian and national television) was extremely positive.