Issues Management


Storing chemicals in the neighbourhood

The operator of a large chemical storage facility needed assistance to rebuild its relations with the community and to achieve a favourable regulatory outcome after a major industrial accident. The state government was under enormous public pressure to move the facility, which our client did not want. Clifton ran an intensive program of local community consultation, media strategy and representations to government. The campaign rebuilt community and government confidence in the operator and the government decided not to relocate the chemical storage facility.

Cemetery challenges

A government authority that works in a service area dealing with individuals, often in a highly emotional state following the death of a loved one, sought our support to navigate a range of challenging issues.

Anticipating the myriad of challenges over burial, bereavement and cremation issues and problems that arise can be difficult and challenging. Ashes misplaced, inadvertently misnumbered graves, vandalism of headstones and costs of burial are some of many issues that Clifton helped the client address. Clifton worked closely with this client, flagging potential issues, preparing in advance and responding as required.

Safety behind bars in prison

Another long-standing client is Australia's leading supplier of privately managed prisons.

With correctional centres in three states and more than 4000 prisoners to be managed safely and securely, there are numerous issues that need to be addressed with both government and the media.

Our role, in part, is to explain the expertise of the private prison group and emphasise that through the delivery of innovative programs, our client reduces the likelihood of inmates reoffending and helps create safer communities.