Government Relations - State


Business body leads the way

In the six months leading up to a Victorian state election, Clifton worked with a leading business peak body to generate support from both parties for its key policy objectives.

Clifton's role was to help guide the policy campaign and to design and implement communications activities targeting key stakeholders in both metropolitan and regional areas seeking their engagement and support for the policies.

These stakeholders included:

  • business owners, particularly in the small to medium categories

  • business people including chief executives, chief financial officers and company directors

  • employers, particularly in the small to medium categories

  • We generated extensive free and paid media coverage in both metropolitan and regional print, electronic and digital media and advised on the use of social media including Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign was successful in winning support from both parties on several key policy objectives including the privatisation of the Port of Melbourne, commitments to increased support for international trade engagement and skills training.

The campaign significantly strengthened the public and political standing of our client and its chief executive.

Privatisation projects

A company supplying services to state governments throughout Australia has been a long-standing client of Clifton.

Our role has included assisting in liaison with ministers, their advisors, departments and local councils. We have also assisted in researching and preparing successful submissions and tenders to state government.

Infrastructure partnerships

Clifton has also been a vital part of various consortiums pitching for major public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects. Apart from assisting with writing tender documents, our role has included developing the communications and community engagement strategies.

We are also a vital part of client teams that regularly engage with state government over the management and operation of major PPP facilities.