Should companies take a stand on political and social issues?

The key passage in this piece is:

'Most importantly, when your organisation takes a stand on a high-profile controversy it should be aligned with your values and operations, and hopefully with the values of your stakeholders. You need to do it for the right reasons, and you need to understand that a social issue at one level can easily risk creating a business issue for the organisation as a whole.’

Now this poses a huge logistic task if taken literally. Think of likely reactions of staff, customers and shareholders particularly. Support of marriage equality by Alan Joyce of Qantas was a brave move. Joyce justified it by saying: "We believe the social issues are very important to all of our stakeholders and are very important for this country.” He judged the mood of the community and of his staff very shrewdly and was strongly supported, if not by Minister Dutton! So if you want to be brave, chose wisely.

by Tony Jaques

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