Our people are among the best in the business. We employ only experienced consultants with an outstanding background in communications, a strong work ethic, a focus on results and a ready supply of fresh, innovative ideas.

Clifton consultants and associates have held senior positions in business, media or government. Their diverse backgrounds include journalism, all levels of government, strategic marketing, community engagement, financial communications and investor relations, change management, publishing, property consulting and corporate services.

Our team has extensive contacts within their areas of expertise and are able to handle the most complex issues at the highest levels of business and government. We have excellent and probably unique connections to all political parties.

John Ridley AM

Kerren Clark

Ken Davis

Philip Goslin

Louisa McPhee


Although we are based in Melbourne, Clifton's associations with other consultancies throughout regional Victoria, Canberra and in other states allow us to support our clients' interests nationally and on specialist issues.


One of our associates is Sefiani.

Sefiani is an award winning strategic communications, public relations and issues management agency that helps companies and organisations achieve key outcomes vital to their business.